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Category: Music Reviews
Posted: Monday, January 22, 2007

Calabrese Hide your daughters and get out your shrunken heads, because rising from the desert bone yards of Arizona punk rock comes the horror rock sensation, CALABRESE!

Formed in 2003, these three brothers; Bobby (guitar/vocals), Jimmy (bass/vocals) and Davey (drums), not only share last names, they have been working tirelessly ripping up the punk scene with their awesome mesh of Mistfits-meets-Dammed-meets-Ramones brand of punk rock ’n’ roll. Their first album 13 Halloweens, released in early 2005, achieved tremendous success and marked a solid fan base for the band. The album offered a ghoulish blend of heavy riffs and killer harmonizing vocals any horror rock fan would come to love. But then Calabrese takes your expectations and rips your still-beating heart clean out of your chest without missing a beat. Yea, it’s really that awesome. Calabrese takes all of your predetermined ideas about the horror rock genre and not only redefines it, but makes it 10 times more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Traveling Vampire ShowAfter spending most of 2006 rocking shows in Phoenix and California, Calabrese has come back scarier than ever with their follow up album, he Traveling Vampire Show, which is scheduled to be released in early February along with a CD release show at one of Phoenix’s best all-ages downtown venue/art galleries, The PHiX on Friday Feb. 9. According to brother Bobby, the show is "guaranteed to kick your teeth in." This second installment in the quickly growing Calabrese discography promises to deliver the band’s unique brand of horror rock with 12 new, heavy, pounding songs like, Voices of the Dead, Vampires Don't Exist and House of Mysterious Secrets. As an added treat, Calabrese has supplied CultureBoom with an exclusive download of Voices of the Dead for our readers to check out.

With their nostalgic theme of classic horror movies and retro-gothic art, its no wonder these brothers have spent most of their lives buried in their love of comic books. In fact, Calabrese is currently in the developing stages of working on their first feature music video with Chaos! Comic’s president, Brian Pulido. Brian has written and co-written more than 260 comic books including Lady Death, Evil Ernie, and The Undead, among many other titles. Brian is also an award-winning filmmaker whose horror short film, There's Something out There, has played 40 international film festivals and garnered eight "best of" awards.

When asked about what kind of comic book titles they enjoy reading, Bobby states, "Some of our favorite titles growing up were ... well, we're all into the EC Horror comics kinda stuff, of course, and a lot of Batman. Dark Knight changed my life, man! We like stuff like Preacher, anything with Wolverine, Watchmen and a lot of stuff written by Steve Niles, like the Cal McDonald stuff."

The brothers are also big fans of J. Scott Campbell & Andy Hartnell’s Danger Girl, as well as The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore.

Besides their highly anticipated release of The Traveling Vampire Show, Calabrese is scheduled to play Mesa Atomic Comics' Fright Night 3 on Saturday Feb. 17 along side other local heroes like the Cut Throat Freak Show, the pudding wrestling girls of Dirty Darlins of Debauchery, 68 artist Jay Fotos, and local punk band Family Secret.

If you have any confusion about the current state of music, you’ll definitely want to check out Calabrese. They break the mold of the classic horror rock genre and rebuild it from the bass up. Over the past three-plus years, Calabrese has been featured in national publications such as Fangoria and Maximum Rock & Roll, as well as had songs on compilation albums like AZPunk.comp Volumes 2 & 3 and Ghouls Gone Wild. With a rapidly growing fan base, dedicated song writing and consistent touring, Calabrese is building a horde of hungry of monsters ready to devour any non-believers who stand in their way!

- Micah A.E.

Additional Information:
Traveling Vampire Show CD Release Show
Friday February 9, 2007 @ The PHiX
1113 NW Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007
7PM - All Ages - $7

Atomic Comics' Fright Night 3
Saturday February 17, 2007 @ Mesa Atomic Comics
1120 S Country Club Dr # 105
Mesa, AZ 85210
7pm – All Ages - Free


Click here to download Voices of the Dead from Calabrese's upcoming album, Traveling Vampire Show.

You can find more info about Calabrese's CD Release show at

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