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Dark Ages Spawn: The Samurai Wars
The Legend of the Demon Samurai
The bloodshed did not go unnoticed on Earth, either. The Daimyo did not approve of Takeda's ways and sent two deadly assassins to kill the young warrior and make an example of him. The assassins' true names had been long forgotten, but their battle-names brought fear to the hearts of the brave and cowardly alike. They were called Jackal Assassin and Scorpion Assassin. Jackal was named for his cruel, vicious attack; and Scorpion for his love of the slow, silent and painful kill.

Scorpion and Jackal had heard of the brash Takeda, and were eager to hunt him and show him the edges of their merciless blades. They planned the attack with Samurai precision so that each assassin would throw equal blows and draw equal blood. Takeda's death would be shared with the removal of his head by a synchronized lash of their razor swords.

Scorpion and Jackal struck Takeda down with a flurry of slashing blows as planned. Takeda died knowing he had been betrayed. He cried out to the gods to avenge him. He begged the gods. They did not hear his cries, but his rage reverberated. His hate carried over.

His anger was felt, not by the gods of goodness and virtue, but by the powers of darkness and hate. Takeda fell from Earth into the fiery pits and faced a devil so hideous that no word could name him. And there before this devil, Takeda was offered a chance to have revenge. But there would be a price. The devil agreed to return Takeda to the land of the flesh, but only if he served the darkness and led the legions of the damned against the enemy.