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Dark Ages Spawn: The Samurai Wars
The Legend of the Demon Samurai
Takeda tore at his body. He reached into his chest cavity, removed his still-beating heart, placed it down before the lord of darkness and cried, "Anything to have my revenge!"

The powers were pleased. The deal was made. Blood for blood. Flesh for flesh. Soul for soul. Takeda plummeted deeper into the burning abyss and suffered agonies no man has ever suffered before or since. Layer by layer, they tore his flesh from his body and exposed him to flame. He cried out in pain. For each wail, the devils responded with a new torment for the fallen Samurai warrior to endure.

The suffering ended when Takeda was spat back onto the Earth as a Spawn of the Pits, a warrior for a new and endlessly evil lord. The brash, murdered warrior was reborn. He would come to be known as Samurai Spawn.

Soon after, the enemies of the Samurai Spawn began to fall one by one. The circumstances of their deaths were unnatural, mysterious and violent. Panic fell upon the land. Rumor spread that a devil wandered the fields and hunted Samurai who were not pure of heart. Jackal and Scorpion Assassin, fearing they would be among the hunted, fled to a mountain hideout where they were certain they would not be found.

They were mistaken.

Samurai Spawn followed the path of the warriors and allowed a minion of the fire-pits to assist him. The minion was Dojo, a cruel, heartless beast as full of lies as his flesh was rotten. He led Samurai Spawn to the assassins and laughed and applauded as the undead Takeda had his revenge on Scorpion first, then Jackal. The deaths were long and painful. For each assassin, Takeda delivered 1,000 slashes that brought pain, but kept death's hand at bay.