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Dark Ages Spawn: The Samurai Wars

How cool was it to translate the core Spawn mythos into a feudal Japanese setting?

The translation was very cool and became really fun once I read some fables from and about the time period. They have a very specific, almost calm, rational tone to them which isn't something you usually associate with the Hellspawn mythos. But it worked out perfectly because these traditional fables are also loaded with demons and devils, and many similar themes that we associate with Spawn. Once I got started on this I wanted to keep going and develop the whole epic story!

Similarly, were there any fundamental difficulties in making that translation?

The toughest part is trying to re-create the effects of the "Hellspawn curse" without repeating what has already been done. Luckily this was solved by exploring a much different tone and letting the characters grow from there without ignoring the major themes of Spawn: romance, betrayal and violence.

Did you have fun with the writing and do you see it going anywhere beyond action figures at this point?

Overall I really enjoyed writing the mythos surrounding Samurai Wars. And who knows, maybe we'll do a comic one day.