Six Destinies | Book Five | The Haunter of Primordium

    Montefalco grabbed hold of the tapestry. As he did so, Camille named the thing -

    'Venal Anatomica."

    The General pulled the tapestry off and revealed it.

    As might have been guessed from its scale beneath the carpet, it was of heroic size, nine feet tall or more. It had death's face, and was equipped with a variety of medieval murder weapons. There were nails crudely hammered into its shoulder and leg. Blood had coagulated around the nails, but when Anatomica began to move (as now it did) fresh blood bubbled up from the wounds and ran down his body.

    "Does it know me?" the General asked.

    "Yes," said Camille, "it is ready to obey your instructions." Talisac spoke, and Camille translated. "He says he has no loyalty to its Creator, only to you, General Montefalco."