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Part 3) Todd McFarlane: Career Breakthrough, continued
Todd enhanced The Amazing Spider-Man with his trademark style, popularizing a new way of rendering webs, transposing the character's human body to spidery positions and adding spider-looking eyes. Marvel eventually gave him a title that he alone could write, pencil and ink: Spider-Man. His first issue sold an astonishing 2.5 million copies - making it the bestselling comic of its time. He was now an established, sought-after artist, bringing his talents to a variety of different comic book titles, but he was becoming frustrated by the confines of corporate culture.
Name View
37. Spider-Man #1 letters page View Listen
38. Spider-Man #2 p.8 View Listen
39. Spider-Man #5 p.12 View Listen
40. Spider-Man #1 p.2-3 spread View Listen
41. Spider-Man #6 p.8 View Listen
42. Spider-Man #13 p.8 View Listen
43. Spider-Man #2 p.2-3 spread View Listen
44. Spider-Man #13 cover View Listen
45. Spider-Man #11 p.17 View Listen
46. Spider-Man #10 p.1 View Listen
47. Venom TPB back cover View Listen
48. Venom TPB front cover View Listen
49. Wolverine #27 p.31 View Listen
50. Superman Special #1 p.56 View Listen
51. Spider-Man #14 cover View Listen
52. Spider-Man #16 p.18 View Listen
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