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Could Be a Big Year Ahead for Exclusives/Repaints

Rumor has it McFarlane Toys has several cool exclusives and repaints coming up in 2001. Though details are still sketchy and the specific retailers remain undecided, here is what we know at this point.

• Four figures from Spawn Series 12 - the Creech, the Heap, Spawn IV and Re-Animated Spawn - will be repainted and re-released.

• Two figures from McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan Series 1 - Vash the Stampede and Ryoko - will be repainted and re-released.

• An exclusive Ash figure from Army of Darkness, along with a special never-before-released character, will be released as an exclusive two-pack.

• There is talk of both a 12-inch Gene Simmons and a 12-inch Chucky figure.

• And possibly a KISS boxed set.

We have no other details or confirmation at this time, but we'll follow up when we know more. Remember where you heard it first.

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