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Looking Forward to an Exciting 2002

It's been an interesting and challenging several months for the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club. Here's a recap of what has happened and a quick glance into the future of the Club.

    After a delay last summer while the Club moved its infrastructure from Michigan to the McFarlane Compound in Arizona, the Collector's Club was faced with the task of rebuilding its operation from the ground up.

    What seemed at first to be a mild task turned a bit daunting when we discovered the Club member database needed to be restructured after the move. Our two computer tech geniuses spent several weeks reformatting the list into a cohesive and efficient database.

    Also, in looking toward the future, Todd decided - with input from the MTCC staff - to make some distinct changes in the way the Club is run.

    First and foremost, the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club will no longer publish and mail a print flyer. The world, as they say, is moving on and we feel it's much more efficient for us to re-create the Club as an online entity.

    We did do a final flyer mailing in October, in which we explained the coming changes. The Collector's Club now exists in the Spawn Store at (, which from now on will be the main source for ordering Club exclusive figures. We do continue to offer a fax and mail order service at this time (members can download and print an order form from, though online ordering is always the most efficient way to get our products.

    Several other changes occurred that are worth noting. We've refocused the Club radically, from an entity that offered exclusive figures to members and functioned as a clearinghouse of older retail figures, to a Club that just offers exclusives. This change in focus brought to light the need to rethink our previous policy of two levels of membership: Gold and Silver. In the past, to become a Gold-level member, you had to purchase an exclusive figure. Now that the Club is only selling exclusives, everyone will in effect be a Gold-level member, making the very idea of levels superfluous.

    All members were combined into one database, which greatly simplified the ponderous dual-database method of operation we previously used. Also, all members were assigned new Club ID numbers. These IDs are required to shop in the online Spawn Store, which is for members only. Important: Your former Club ID numbers will not work. If you don't know your current ID number, you can contact with your name and mailing address and we'll take care of you.

    One bonus is that all Club memberships are now permanent; you no longer have to worry about your membership expiring.

    The current available products from the Club are the exclusive limited-edition Urizen action figure, each one hand-signed by Todd. We are also offering the long-awaited accessory pack for Spawn Series 19: The Samurai Wars and a Body Bag to decorate your action figure dioramas.

    The switch to an online Club was not without a couple speed bumps. There were some shipping issues and some technical issues with the Spawn Store. Those have been smoothed out and we hope the process has become more comfortable for everyone.

    Our next exclusives have already been chosen and are in the manufacturing process. Our tentative schedule calls for the Spawn Store to be updated with new product in March.

    As always, the Club is here for its members. If you have any questions or concerns not answered here, e-mail

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