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Incredible Game-Based Toys See the Light of Day

Several years in the making, McFarlane Toys' Ultima Online action figures are finally ready to hit stores. These figures are being produced to accompany the upcoming online role-playing game Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, from Origin.
Todd McFarlane designed some 30 characters and monsters that appear in the game, six of which were chosen to receive the action figure treatment.
Here's the lineup:

JUGGERNAUT is 7 3/8 inches tall with six joints and rotating wheels. Created from the bodies of fatally wounded Juka warriors, the Juggernaut is a massive hulking monstrosity with the strength and power of Exodus mechanics. With minimal thought processes, they patrol the corridors of Blackthorn's fortress looking for intruders. Few who encounter a Juggernaut live to tell the tale.

WARLORD KABUR is 6 1/8 inches tall with eight joints and several weapons. Of all the Juka warlords, the greatest and most skilled is Kabur. Leader of the Juka war forces, Kabur is unmatched in his talent with weapons and his capacity as a commander. After being pulled forward in time by Exodus, Kabur and the rest of the Juka race now continue their battle against the benevolent Meer and their leader, Captain Dasha.

LORD BLACKTHORN is 7 1/16 inches tall with eight articulation points (including a claw hand) and base. Once an influential nobleman, Lord Blackthorn has forsaken his fellow Britannians and traded his humanity for Exodus' dark power. His body has been combined with mechanics and demonic magic to make him nearly invincible. Now partnered with Exodus, he stands ready to seize control of Britannia and claim the throne he believes should be his.

CAPTAIN DASHA is 5 7/8 inches tall with seven joints, and several shields and weapons. Leader of the Meer forces, Captain Dasha is both a deadly warrior and a skilled tactician. After being pulled forward in time with the Juka, she has been reunited with the Meer who lay hidden in magical slumber for thousands of years. Now Dasha leads the reawakened forces of the Meer into battle to restore an ancient balance with their enemies, the Juka.

ADRANATH is 6 3/4 inches tall with eight joints and a staff. Of all the Meer eternals, Adranath remains the most powerful and experienced. After witnessing the Juka being pulled into the future, Adranath helped put the entire Meer race into a magical slumber so they could follow their enemies through time. As an eternal, his immortality allowed him to take the role of The Watcher and remain alive for thousands of years to see the return of the Juka. Now Adranath has awakened his entire race from their sleep to continue the fierce battle against the vicious Juka forces.

THE ANCIENT WYRM stands a massive 8 5/8 inches tall (tail to nose) and has seven articulation points (including three ball joints) and a base. Oldest, wisest and by far the most powerful, Ancient Wyrms represent the most deadly members of the dragon species. Their magical nature makes them highly skilled in casting spells of great devastation, although some prefer to use their claws and razor-sharp teeth to dismember their prey. Although they usually guard huge hordes of treasure, very few adventurers become wealthy hunting Ancient Wyrms. Most join the piles of bones that litter these monsters' caves.

Look for these figures on store shelves now.
The McFarlane companies are also working closely with Origin to market the new UO game. We've produced two UO collectible mini-comic books detailing the fiction of Lord Blackthorn's Revenge. The first mini-comic will be given away at Gamestop and Electronics Boutique stores beginning Feb. 1.

The second mini-comic will be packaged with the game itself. As an additional bonus, each copy of the game will also include a special-scale pewter-washed Lord Blackthorn action figure.

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