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Todd Talks Sports, 'Spider-Man' and More

Here at headquarters, our publicity engine is running 24/7 searching for ways to spread the good word about Todd and the products and projects involving the McFarlane companies. Occasionally, the stars align and all 12 cylinders redline at the same time with several interviews appearing at once. So, in keeping with our mantra of being the source for information on Todd, we wanted to pass on a few links for you.

Entertainment Weekly's Adam Duerson interviewed Todd about Spider-Man recently. Click here for Todd's Q&A:,6115,235764~1~0~toddmcfarlanesizesup,00.html.

New York Newsday's Robert L. Fouch wrote several Spider-Man-themed articles just prior to the film's opening. Here are two, including an informative Q&A:

The Arizona Republic's Scott Craven wrote a story on May 2, asking people what powers a modern-day superhero should have to get through daily life. Todd's comments led off the article:

Scott Craven also interviewed Todd for a separate article about Spider-Man, and how the film's 10-year development delay was a good thing.

    P.S. There are even a few comments here on Spawn 2.'s sports business writer Darren Rovell talked to Todd this week about how McFarlane Toys handles professional athlete trades, and how trades affect McFarlane's Sports Picks figures. Read the 'Figurine Science' section of Darren's column next at Look for the image of Ricky Williams as a Miami Dolphin.

On May 8, MLB Radio's Billy Sample and Todd were live on an Internet radio discussion about McFarlane Toys, baseball, hockey, the designated hitter and more. If you've got some time and RealPlayer on your computer, the 40-minute, very candid interview is available at Look for the May 8, 2002 archive under Curveballs, Changeups and Sliders. As an interesting side note, board member 'Loyal2dagame' won a Baseball Series 1 action figure as part of a giveaway tied to the interview, and had his question read on the air.

Finally, go to and enter the Ultimate Movie Challenge through May 30. Participants can win one of six Movie Maniacs 4 figures or a Jaws Box Set. You can't miss the contest; it's in a pop-up menu and at the top of the home page.

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