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Making Lists, Checking 'em Twice
McFarlane Toys Figures Top Several Year-End Lists

The year 1999 was chock full of good news for McFarlane Toys, not the least of which was packing the best-toy list in Toyfare magazine and stepping up to the plate in the annual Rev. Rose warped-toy list.

    The February 2000 edition of ToyFare features the editorial staff's picks of the best toys of 1999. McFarlane Toys won eight of the 17 categories, including the "Best Company" award.

    "The bottom line: If there's a property you're dying to see made into an action figure, McFarlane Toys is the company you're dying to see make it," wrote the magazine.

    Other winners included "Best Paint Application" (Mandarin Spawn, Series 14), "Best Accessories" (Solid Snake from Metal Gear), "Best Articulation" (Sleepy Hollow, Headless Horseman box set), "Best Likeness" (Mini-Me from Austin Powers), "Sexiest Female (ooo-la-la Sydney Savage from Danger Girl), "Best Sculpting" (Viper King from Series 14) and "Toy We Thought We'd Never See" (Ozzy Osbourne).

    Of course, we were disappointed that Code Red (Series 15 Techno Spawn) didn't win the "Best Monkey" award, but, hey, we shouldn't be greedy, huh?

    On to the good Reverend: Every year since 1986, the Rev. Christopher L. Rose, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Hartford, Conn., has compiled a list of the most warped toys on the market.

    Last year, Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys were disappointed not to top the Reverend's list; the best we could do were numbers 6 and 9.

    "In 1999, we want to do better," said McFarlane. "We're going after No. 1."

    We're proud to announce that this year we've achieved our goal with three toys on Rose's list of 10, including No. 1 (Hatchet from Curse of the Spawn), No. 5 (Tormentor from Spawn the Dark Ages) and No. 10 (the Sleepy Hollow line).

    We're looking forward to 2000.

All the toys mentioned above can be seen in the McFarlane Toys Current Projects section.

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