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Win New Sum 41 Album, 'Does This Look Infected?'
April 25, 2003
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When the rock band Sum 41 was planning the video for Hell Song from the Does This Look Infected? album, the producer suggested using action figures instead of live bodies.

"He sent us a videotape with some Barbie figures in it, we thought it was really funny and decided to go for it," said drummer Steveo32. "We started thinking about all the toys out there and what they would be doing if alive, and just went for it."

The band took one day to shoot the video. It features dozens of action figures, among them George Bush, Marilyn Manson and the Osbournes, as well as a bunch of McFarlane figures, doing all sorts of crazy things. Four random figures feature oversized photographic heads of each band member. The figures are made to resemble Sum 41 and appear to be rocking out at a live concert. Most of the instruments used by the faux Sum 41 are of McFarlane vintage.

"I'm using Lars Ulrich's (Metallica) drum set," Steveo32 said. "We used mostly your instruments, since we all have your stuff. I have Eddie (Iron Maiden) and I think we all have the Metallica figures."

A few of the action figure antics had to be cut, including scenes involving Michael Jackson and Elvis figures engaged in shall we say less-than-complementary activities. Separately, that is! Sorry, we can't give details ... use your imagination.

Steve said he and the band aren't necessarily avid action figure collectors, comic book readers or fans of Todd, but "Spawn is kinda creepy looking, I like the look of it. You can always recognize the McFarlane stuff, they're cool-looking figures and the Eddie ones are awesome."

Sum 41 is comprised of "four ugly young goons from Toronto, Canada," Bizzy D, Dave Brownsound, Cone and Stevo32. They were all once members in separate rival bands in high school, when they decided to join forces to create one ultimate band 41 days into the summer before grade 12. That band was Sum 41 and it kept their minds sidetracked enough to ensure that only three out of the four of them would get their diploma. To learn more about the band, go to, and then click on "Freaky Films" to watch the Hell Song video or the band's other music video projects.

McFarlane Toys and SUM 41 have joined together for a contest. Watch Hell Song on Then send an e-mail to with the following information: name, street mailing address and at least three different McFarlane Toys figures you spot in the video. Be specific, and include the figure's name and series. Just saying "Metallica" or "Eddie" won't cut the mustard! Please note that this Web site may not be suitable for younger music fans due to the animated violence and themes on the site.

Only enter once. Incomplete entries will be burned in the trash incinerator. Five randomly drawn winners will receive a copy of Sum 41's newest CD and one McFarlane Toy figure featured in the video. Deadline to enter is Thursday, May 1 at noon PST. Winners announced the following day.

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