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McFarlane Scores a -24 as of July 30th Standings
August 01, 2003
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If you can remember as far back as March, Todd announced a baseball contest both here on and on his MLB radio show. In short, Todd challenged baseball fans to beat his predictions for each division in the Major League Baseball 2003 season. For a more detailed overview of the contest, check out the original story here.

Though entry to the contest ended months ago, a ton of baseball fans entered the quest to try and beat Todd's picks. McFarlane takes this business pretty seriously and offered a prize of all the regular baseball series action figures released in 2003 to the person who could beat him (in the case of multiple winners, a random drawing will be held to determine who takes home the figures).

Based on the position of all teams in the league as of July 30, Todd was sitting at -24; a perfect score in this game would be zero.

His score isn't exactly what he'd hoped a little more than midway through the season, but the season is a long one. Still, the door is open for someone to score a substantial prize.

If you'd like to calculate your own contest entry, we used the chart available at Pick the date of July 30 and see how you're doing against Todd's picks. Good luck. Winner announced at the end of the season.

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