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Several More Unannounced Figures Hitting Shelves This Year
May 06, 2005
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On April 22 we announced a number of additions and changes to our illustrious and incredibly useful online toy catalog, but guess what? It doesn't stop there, as today we have a handful of new information to share with the world. Some of this info is simply added details to already announced lines and/or figures, but there are some unannounced additions to our Fall product lineup, too.

Let's begin:

We have already announced that our Napoleon Dynamite line would be made up of two Napoleon Dynamite figures (one in his Prom Suit, one in a "Vote For Pedro" T-shirt), along with Kip and Pedro figures. We have now added a third Napoleon figure ("Tetherball Champ") as well as a 12-inch version of the Prom Suit Napoleon, which will include sound. So, to clarify, the lineup for McFarlane Toys' first set of Napoleon Dynamite action figures is:

Napoleon Dynamite 6-inch figure assortment

Napoleon Dynamite 12-inch figureThere has also been a change in the description of our 12-inch Robocop. We have made alterations to the figure's sculpt to add some much-requested battle damage to this larger-scale version of our hugely popular Movie Maniacs 7 Robocop figure.
  • Robocop 12-inch figure

    Larger-scale, battle-damaged version of our 6-inch Movie Maniacs 7 Robocop action figure.
Finally, we will be adding a brand-new music-related item to our online toy catalog in the form of our very first three-dimensional representations of legendary album covers. These pieces will take classic album covers and re-create them in a way only McFarlane Toys could, beginning with...We have plans for more of these in the future.

More details and imagery of these products will be available in the coming months, so be sure to check the News section regularly to remain up-to-speed on the latest information pertaining to all things McFarlane.

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