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Win Entire 2004 Baseball Series Figures; Hear Todd's Picks on MLB Radio
March 26, 2004
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The Todd McFarlane Show on Radio will begin its official third season April 1 with guest Roy Firestone. The show, which can be heard each Thursday on the Internet airwaves, will air from 2 to 3 PM Eastern on April 1. Beginning April 8, and for the remainder of baseball's regular season, it will air from 4 to 5 PM EDT.

For those of you not familiar with the show, expect to hear an eclectic mix of sports talk and entertainment, a concept we call "Homers and Hollywood," similar to Fox Sports' "Best Damn Sports Show Period." Co-host Seth Everett joins Todd each week to discuss a variety of topics, usually a bit different than the normal fare heard on Major League Baseball's official site.

Some of the show's past guests include: Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper (rock stars), Morgan Gendel (Executive Producer, Spider-Man MTV), Stan Winston (Hollywood creature creator), Don Murphy (Producer, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spawn 2), Stan Lee (comic book great/Marvel founder), Rob Dibble (ESPN), Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live), Jimmy Kimmel (late night host/comedian), Clive Barker (Hollywood horror writer/director), comic book artists Frank Miller and Alex Ross, Rick Reilly (Sports Illustrated columnist), Rusty Wallace (NASCAR driver), Rick Schroder (actor), sports commentators Roy Firestone and Jeremy Schaap, baseball players/commentators Curt Schilling, Joe Garagiola Sr., John Kruk, Vida Blue; and others.

The best way to stay on top of Todd's show is to click on the page dedicated to it. You can hear past clips and link directly to Radio's home page to listen to Todd live or to any of the network's programming.

If you want to ask Todd questions about sports, action figures or any other topic, please send them to and put Todd McFarlane in the subject line. Listeners can send in questions at any time and they may be read live during the show.

And now, on to the second annual Beat Todd's Picks Challenge: Todd is challenging listeners and visitors to beat his predictions for the 2004 Major League Baseball season. If someone does, that successful prognosticator will win all of the new McFarlane's Sports Picks regular-edition baseball figures produced in 2004, which adds up to, well, a lot of little men in tight plastic pants. On the April 1 radio show, Todd and Seth will compare notes on the order teams will finish in each of the six MLB divisions (American League and National League - West, Central and East). You can wait to hear their predictions but you must enter the contest by April 3. Click here to enter your picks.

Good luck!

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