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Long-awaited 'Architects of Fear,' 'Spawn: Origins,' Vol. 1 Coming to Store Shelves
April 10, 2009
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Every McFarlane fan knows that May has been declared national Spawn month. And this year, we've got two major book releases, plus the arrival of the latest issue of the monthly comic.


Spawn Issue 192
Story: Todd McFarlane
Art: Whilce Portacio and Todd McFarlane
Cover: Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

Realizing that there is no one he can fully trust, Jim sets out on his own, growing increasingly paranoid and desperate for answers regarding his identity. As he becomes more and more reliant on the Spawn entity to sustain him, enemies begin closing in from all sides. Meanwhile, detectives Sam and Twitch make a surprising discovery. Brought to you by Todd McFarlane, and Whilce Portacio.

Spawn: Architects of Fear
Story: Arthur Clare
Art & cover Aleksi Briclot

From the creative team that brought you Spawn Simony comes this new original Spawn graphic novel fully painted by one of the world's premiere artists.

An elite group of Angels, known as the Caste of Architects, needs the help of Spawn to retrieve one of their living weapons that has gone amok, the Horsaak-El. For centuries this "weapon" has been absorbing the souls of the damned to keep them from joining the armies of Hell, but now it is preying on the souls of the innocent. To ensure Spawn's cooperation, one of the Caste have placed his brother, Marc, in the weapon's path.

Spawn: Architects of Fear also features a behind-the-scenes section, with additional art and commentary about this long-anticipated project.

Ask your retailer to order your copy by using Diamond code MAR092404.

Spawn: Origins Vol. 1 Trade Paperback

These newly designed and reformatted trades now feature all new cover art with new interpretations of classic Spawn covers, by Greg Capullo. Spawn: Origins Vol. 1 reprints the stories and artwork (by Todd McFarlane himself) that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. Spawn: Origins Volume 1 includes the introduction of not only Spawn, but also a number of other memorable and menacing characters, including Malebolgia and the Violator. Reprints Spawn Issues 1-6.

Ask your retailer to order your copy by using Diamond code MAR092416.


Spawn: Origins Vol. 2 Trade Paperback

Featuring the stories and artwork by Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane, that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. Spawn: Origins Vol. 2 includes classic Spawn stories written by Alan Moore and Frank Miller, as well as the introduction of memorable characters into the Spawn universe. Reprints Spawn Issues 7, 8, 11-14.

Ask your retailer to order your copy by using Diamond code FEB098067.

To find a comic shop near you, go to, or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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