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New Figure Lineup, Photos, and a Chance to Get Some Figures Early
October 15, 2010
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Halo: Reach Series 1 is in stores now, but it's going fast! Our next assortment of Halo: Reach action figures hits retailers everywhere in January. Can't wait for 2011 to get your hands on more Halo figures? Well, due to the success of the advance wave of Halo: Reach Series 1, we've added an advance wave to Series 2! This four-figure preview line is exclusive to Target stores, and will be on their shelves in December. Which lucky figures are making the jump to 2010? Check out these new photos for the answer...

Noble One, Spartan-259, is the leader of Noble Team, the veteran Spartan unit that players join in Halo: Reach. This action figure features every detail of his custom armor livery -- from his Commando helmet, shoulder, and chest to the Tactical/Tacpad accessory on his forearm. Figure includes Designated Marksman Rifle and Frag Grenade.

This classic version of the Grunt enemy features the familiar conical methane tank and orange armor fans remember from the Halo trilogy, ODST, Halo Wars, and now Halo: Reach. Figure includes removable backpack and gas mask and comes with Needler and Plasma Grenade weapons.

This heavily customized male Spartan features a well-rounded armor selection including CQC base helmet with UA/Multi-Threat shoulders and chest. This figure is ready for solo multiplayer with his all-white color scheme and includes Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade.

We've also added a special exclusive figure that will only be available in this early wave. Our first multiplayer Elite figure features the standard Minor-level armor in the classic Red Team color, and comes with the trusty Plasma Rifle, formerly only available in a Series 1 two-pack.

The most common armor of the Sangheili invasion force, the Elite Minor armor is also the default choice for multiplayer combatants who choose to fight for the other side. This figure is ready for team-based multiplayer with his all-red color scheme and includes Plasma Rifle and Plasma Grenade.

We've got a lot more of Reach planned for 2011. The rest of Series 2 will be available in January, and Series 3 is scheduled for April. Halo: Reach Series 3 will include:

Single Figures

Noble 3, Spartan-266 is Noble Team's chatty, but rock-solid sniper. This figure captures every detail of Jun's custom armor loadout, from Scout helmet to Sniper shoulder to Tactical/Recon chest with camouflage hood. Figure comes with Sniper Rifle and Frag Grenade.

ODST Jetpack Trooper
The "Bullfrog" ODSTs encountered in New Alexandria were characterized by their use of UNSC jetpacks. This figure is based on the Halo: Reach ODSTs' early design, emphasizing their affiliation with UNSC Army Troopers. Figure comes with Jetpack and Magnum.

Elite Spec Ops
This Sangheili specialist features the sleek, streamlined armor of the Special Operations branch and a dark, stealthy paint scheme. Figure comes with Energy Sword and Plasma Grenade.

Grunt Heavy
The Grunt Heavy has always been identifiable by its green armor, but the Halo: Reach version introduces a never-before-seen cylindrical methane tank and facemask with round goggles. Figure features removable backpack, facemask, gas mask, and comes with Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenade.

Spartan Military Police custom (male) (team blue)
One of a handful of assets shared between branches of the UNSC armed forces, the Military Police helmet is common to both Spartans and Beta-5 Security forces. This figure comes with the fully enclosed Spartan variant of the Military Police helmet, Gungnir shoulder, Recon shoulder and chest, DMR, and Frag Grenade.

Spartan Air Assault (female) (rose/rose)
For the first time in Halo multiplayer, Spartans can select not only a female voice, but a female body. Our first female multiplayer Spartan features an Air Assault helmet, FJ/Para kneeguards, and a feminine pink rose color scheme. Figure comes with Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade.

Spartan JFO (male) (rust/rust)
The Joint Fires Observer helmet is reserved for Spartans of Lieutenant Colonel rank and above. Figure comes with custom blue visor, matching JFO shoulders, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Toys "R" Us.

Spartan Operator (male) (steel/steel)
This Sergeant-level Spartan is equipped with the base Operator helmet with Command Network Module. Figure comes with matching Operator shoulders, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to GameStop.

Spartan Military Police custom (male) (brown/forest)
One of a handful of assets shared between branches of the UNSC armed forces, the Military Police helmet is common to both Spartans and Beta-5 Security forces. This figure comes with the fully enclosed Spartan variant of the Military Police helmet, Gungnir shoulder, Recon shoulder and chest, Shotgun, and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Target.

Figure 2-Packs

Covenant Airborne 2-Pack
The Spartans have taken to the skies in Halo: Reach multiplayer, but the Elites have jetpacks of their own! This 2-pack features two multiplayer Elites, ready to blast off and rain death from above. Set includes a green Elite Officer and a steel Elite Ultra, both with Elite Jetpacks. Figures come with Plasma Rifle, Concussion Rifle, and two Plasma Grenades.

Spartan Loadouts: Grenadier & Expert Marksman 2-Pack
This set is pure Halo: Reach multiplayer action in its most basic form: two multiplayer Spartans, in classic team colors, each with a different loadout. Red Team is represented by a male Spartan Military Police custom, with the "Grenadier" loadout -- including the action figure debut of the Grenade Launcher -- plus an Assault Rifle, and two Frag Grenades. Blue Team is represented by a male Spartan Operator with the "Expert Marksman" loadout of DMR, Magnum, and two Frag Grenades.

UNSC Trooper Support Staff 2-Pack
The UNSC Army has nearly as much variety in its troopers as there is in the Spartan ranks. Series 1 brought you the straightforward offense of the Light and Heavy Troopers; Series 3 reinforces the Trooper ranks with two of the Army's "support staff:" the Medic Trooper and Radio Trooper. The Medic is equipped with the standard Magnum sidearm; the Radioman includes his specialized communications gear and a Shotgun for close-quarters combat. They're the perfect personnel for your UNSC Warthog, or assisting your Noble Six in a fireteam deployment.

Series 2 Advance hits Target in December 2010, the full Series 2 arrives everywhere in January 2011, and Series 3 is scheduled for April 2011.

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