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Hot McFarlane Toys on the Shelves
August 15, 2003
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Welcome to our next installment of "What should be on the shelves at your local toy store and what's coming" for those of you too lazy to go check for yourselves. Hey, consider it our service to you. We love you guys.

First, what should be there for the taking:

Terminator 3. Our sleeper hit of the summer. With its long-standing fanbase (and perhaps with Arnold as a gubernatorial candidate), our regular T3 line has been flying off the store shelves like pieces of a bullet-riddled T-850. McFarlane Toys is now sold through all of our production, so what you see on shelves is it.

Major League Baseball Series 6. MLB 6, featuring a cast of exciting players and a few surprise pieces, is moving nicely at retail as we enter the height of the baseball season.

Spawn Series 23: Mutations. The latest line of Spawn action figures has been consistently selling, but is still available at retail at this time.

National Hockey League Series 5. NHL 5 is still available at retail in Canada. American customers can still purchase cases direct from us in the Store at

And here's what coming to your favorite toy store:

Soul Calibur II. These 4-inch scale boxed action figures based on the upcoming video game are on the road as you read and should be in stores the week of Aug. 18.

T3. Both the deluxe boxed set and the deluxe 12-inch T-850 (with sound) from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines are shipping to stores at this time. These will be hot, so don't hesitate.

Major League Baseball Series 7. MLB 7 will start hitting retail shelves in mid to late August. The MLB series is really starting to take off with collectors and this line will be no different.

McFarlane's Monsters 2: The Twisted Land of Oz. One of the most anticipated lines of 2003 is getting closer. Look for this series at specialty retailers in early September, along with the Collector's Club-exclusive seventh figure from this line, only available through the Store at

National Football League Series 6. NFL 6, sure to be one of this year's hottest action figure series, is on tap for a late August/early September release.

And that's what's coming from McFarlane HQ. Have fun out there.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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