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'Endgame' Conclusion In Stores Now
March 05, 2010
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After months of waiting for Spawn's Endgame story arc to come to a close, Spawn #196 finally hit stores this past Wednesday. Jim ultimately learns he was his own experiment, and has fulfilled the role Al Simmons once held, until his unexpected suicide.

When asked about why he chose to take the path he did with the story, creator Todd McFarlane, said, "Jim has been running around questioning what all this power is. In the conclusion, Clown brings answers and resolution to Jim. From here on out, Jim's going to stop questioning this power that he has, and start using it to his advantage."

As for what can we expect for Jim in the future, McFarlane states, "We can expect somebody who embraces his powers when he's using them. He's going to stop being the reluctant hero, and start being aggressive with his powers."

When asked if he could give the fans any insight into Spawn #197, Whilce Portacio's encore issue, McFarlane hints, "Spawn #197 will be the beginning in tying up the loose ends with Jim's powers, which are slightly different than the previous Spawn's. They have some kind of healing power to them. Also, Jim will become a much sought after individual in the media."

>> SPAWN #196

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