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Don't Miss Out On Our Biggest Toy Line of the Year
October 01, 2010
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The biggest video game of the year has finally arrived! Halo: Reach has landed, ascended to the top spot on the Xbox LIVE activity chart, and even racked up a franchise record-breaking $200 million in first-day sales. You're probably playing it right now, aren't you?

Well, if you've managed to tear yourself away from all the Campaigning and Matchmaking and Firefighting and Forging long enough to read this, we'd like to remind you that our first series of Halo: Reach action figures and vehicles are in stores now!

Halo: Reach Series 1 is available at major retailers worldwide, including Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, GameStop, K-Mart, and many more. Each Halo: Reach action figure features around 20 points of articulation, weapons, and all the amazing detail McFarlane Toys is famous for.

Collector and retailer demand has been extremely high, so if you haven't picked up yours yet, you'd better act fast. We're completely sold out at the manufacturer level, so what's in stores now is all that's left!

Halo: Reach Series 1 consists of an expanded lineup of ten single-packed action figures, three two-pack action figure boxed sets, and two in-scale boxed vehicles. Collect them all!

Halo: Reach Series 1 features Noble Six, Emile, and Jorge from the heroic Noble Team; Elites and Grunts from the invading Covenant forces; and a full squad of customized Spartan soldiers from the game's online multiplayer.

If you're looking to build your figure forces in a hurry, pick up these boxed figure 2-packs and double the action. Series 1 includes a pack of red and blue Spartans, two camouflaged UNSC Troopers, and a Spartan facing off against an exclusive Elite Ultra figure.Vehicles
Take the action further with our massive Halo: Reach vehicle boxed sets. Both are in scale with our 5-inch action figures, and feature incredible detail, play action, and value.Still not enough for you? Series 1 is just the beginning. We've got plenty more Reach collectibles coming your way in 2011, starting with Series 2 in January. Check back soon for more information and photos!

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