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Proud Recipient of the Spawn-tastic Gift Basket
February 16, 2007
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The things we do for love. When we announced our Valentine's Day contest, responses started flooding in. We posed the query, "Do you love someone who loves McFarlane Toys?" If you do, we wanted to know why they deserved a Spawn-tastic Gift Basket. We got all kinds of submissions, and chose the winner as the most creative that we received. Here it is for your reading enjoyment, from Nichole Scanlon of Bakersfield, Calif, whose husband Tim is ... a bit obsessed:

My husband Tim awakens before the sun rises, my daughter and I still asleep.He knows not the time. He tossed and turned all night, grumbling and moaning about "clean vs. dirty" and dented clamshells. His breathing was heavy all night, occasionally sitting up straight up in a cold sweat yelling "Limit 2 per household!!" I knew it could be none other than Collector's Club Exclusive day. Tim hadn't spoken much the night before, other than the repeated questions of whether the alarm had been properly set and whether the Internet service provider had been timely paid.

It was now 4:00 a.m. Tim was on the computer checking for recent updates on the release, repeatedly hitting F5 to refresh the screen. The release was still on for "around 9:00 a.m." I hope the server doesn't crash. Thread after thread, Tim searches to gauge the interest in the release. Some play coy, trying to show a lack of interest in the figure. Others are madly pawning off other figures that had somehow lost their luster on the BST board to obtain immediate Paypal funds prior to the 9:00 a.m. release. "FIRE SALE - NEED IMMEDIATE PAYPAL FUNDS" is a common thread on release day.

For the next four hours, Tim routinely checks his computer just in case there has been an "accidental" early release of the figure. Stranger things have happened, right? Tim assumes that we got up and out of the house safely. He vaguely recalls some mumbling about his daughter's first day of kindergarten, blah, blah, blah... He was sure his wife would take pictures-plus, there would always be first grade, right?

Ok, it is 8:50 a.m. Tim is madly hitting F5 now. Where is it? The 10 minutes will seem like a lifetime. A million thoughts run through his head ... how much will shipping be? Will it sell out quickly. If I get one, I hope they had a production run of 7. I sure hope I get one that got screwed up at the factory so that I can start a thread about it. Hey, my Steelers helmet only has a logo on ONE SIDE! Did anyone else get green and brown stains on the left knee? I have only seen green stains on the left knee. WEIRD!

I know when I return home, Tim will tell me all about the day. I pray he got his figures, or it will be a rough night. I hope he still has his job after missing work again. I will stand by him regardless. He is my love. He is my companion. I support his habit with 12.5% financing after the 5.99% introductory rate. I support his habit with Protech cases, designed to protect other cases, that protect the figures he buys ( are there big Protech cases to protect the smaller Protech cases?). A Spawn-tastic gift basket for a truly dedicated fan, indeed!

We also felt compelled to award an honorable mention to Darnell Coney of Philadelphia, Penn. For this unflinching confession:

Since I am alone yet again on Valentines Day, I decided to enter this contest for the one person I love the most. ME!!! Here are the ways I love McFarlane toys:

M is for the Many girlfriends I lost by going to toy stores purchasing figures.
C is for the Constant teasing by friends I endured when I put my figures on my wall.
F is for the Far out ways I drive if a store 50 miles away has a figure I want.
A is for All the money I spend buying figures.
R is for the Red Sox box set I finally found after eight stores and three days of searching.
L is for the Lost times I spent with friends while figure hunting.
A is for Another Valentines Day alone with my figures.
N is for the Next batch of NBA, NFL, NHL legends figures to hit the store.
E is for the Extra money I saved to buy the Ladainian Tomlinson limited edition figure.

Darnell, you have shown us that one is not the loneliest number and it doesn't take two to tango. Thank you.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who entered.
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