Remaining 2002 Action Figure Lines Delayed
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

As many readers of this site are likely aware, the recent dock workers management lockout seems to have been resolved. Workers at West Coast ports were scheduled to go back to work Wednesday, Oct. 9.
What does this mean for toys?
Well, quite a bit, actually. Since all McFarlane Toys action figures are manufactured in China and exported from the Hong Kong port, they are shipped across the Pacific to ports in California, generally the Sacramento area. The dock workers lockout lasted a total of nine days, which means upwards of 200 cargo ships inbound from Asia and elsewhere were backed up outside the California coast waiting to offload.
On those boats? You guessed it. Much of our remaining 2002 inventory. While the workers are back to work, what remains unclear is just how much of logjam the nine-day lockout created. Fact is, no one knows for sure. Estimates say it will take as long as six to nine weeks to clear up the backlog of cargo ships.
What does this mean for fans of McFarlane Toys specifically? Unfortunately, specifics are few and far between. What we can say is that the remaining 2002 lines are going to be hit with some delays, we don't know exactly how long. This means McFarlane's Sports Picks: NHL 3, NFL 5 and NBA 2, Tortured Souls 2, Alien-Predator boxed set, 12-inch Tortured Souls and the upcoming Collector's Club exclusives (Hellspawn Biker Chick and the NBA Backboard) won't be coming out on time. It also affects reshipments of some lines that have already hit stores in limited numbers, Series 22 R3s, Series 22 deluxe boxed set and Eddie the Trooper.
At this time, we can't provide any more information about scheduling on these lines, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that our boats will be unloading soon. As we receive more specific information, we'll pass it along.