New Package Exclusive to Musicland Stores
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

We revealed this upcoming exclusive months ago, but the time has finally come ... the Ash/Evil Ash Army of Darkness two-pack is finally hitting stores.

    This is a continuation of our Army of Darkness mini-series, featuring the characters fans of the film just can't get enough of. The original Ash action figure was released in Movie Maniacs Series 3; the original Evil Ash in Series 4. There was also a Musicland-exclusive Ash/Pit Witch two-pack released in 2001 that sold out almost immediately.

    The Ash/Evil Ash two-pack will again be exclusive to the Musicland chain - Sam Goody, Media Play, On Cue and Suncoast stores. The sculpts are unchanged from their original incarnations, but each has received minor paint changes to differentiate from the older figures.

    Ash has different paint detailing, most notably in the facial area. The new figure has less overall blood wash than the original. The Evil Ash figure has a slightly different paint application and now features a tattered cloth cape instead of the original molded cape.

    The new two-pack includes Evil Ash's two swords, which are now blood-splattered. It also includes the mechanical hand/interchangeable chainsaw for Ash, the pitchfork, mini-Ash, shotgun and the Book of the Dead.
    This item has shipped to the abovementioned retailers and should be on shelves in a matter of days.