Redesign Features New Look, Easier Navigation
Monday, October 21, 2002

Things look a little different around the ol' homestead now, eh? That's right, now has a new look. But 3.0 is more than a surface makeover. In addition to a new feel, the site has new guts ... an entirely new structure of layout and architecture.

In planning, design and testing for more than a year, our Web staff had a couple of major goals for 3.0. The first was that the site needed to be easier to navigate. The second was that the site would implement a more consistent artistic approach across the board. is now different from top to bottom. Not all sections are active at this time, but will be added as time allows. Feel free to surf through and familiarize yourself with the new site design and architecture. We believe you'll find it much easier to get the information you're searching for.

Here are a couple of the major highlights:

Though the new design is a bit of a radical departure from the old, we hope you'll enjoy the new look of and have an easier time locating the information you need.