Collector Finds Rare Fig in Pennsylvania
Friday, November 08, 2002

The second signed Angus Young of AC/DC figure has been found! When Todd McFarlane visited our Hong Kong production facilities earlier this year, he happened upon a mid-reproduction run of these figures. So he grabbed a couple pens and signed several of the insert cards that go inside the clamshell packaging. He signed a total of 17 cards, which were then cased and sent off to U.S. and international retailers. (For the entire original story, click here.)

Mark Lopez of DuBois, PA, is the second lucky collector to score one of these incredibly rare figures. He found it on the shelf Oct. 20, 2002, in a Spencer Gifts store in Altoona, PA.

Mark's is signed in gold pen and marked "4 of 4."

"I was really, really surprised to find this figure," Mark said.

The rest of his collection consists of the Hanson Brothers figures, KISS stuff and various hockey pieces. He'd like to see us do a set of Aerosmith figures and a Stanley Cup Champions series with Mario Lemieux holding the cup aloft.

Congrats on your find, Mark. Be on the lookout for a gift package from your friends at