Bonus Spawn Reborn Series Features Redecos
Friday, January 10, 2003

Two officially numbered Spawn action figure lines - Series 23 and 24 - are scheduled for 2003. But the artists at McFarlane Toys needed more; it's hard to get enough of the Hellspawn and his supporting cast.

So they came up with a plan to redecorate several figures from previous Spawn series releases. Thus Spawn Reborn was, er, born. The series contains six figures:

As you'll note from the photos, each figure is substantially different from its previous release, whether by paint application, new sculpting details or both. Plus, each is in new Spawn Reborn packaging.

This line is being offered to all retailers, but in very limited numbers. Look for them in stores in April. Following on the heels of Spawn Reborn, Spawn 23: Mutations is slated to hit stores in May. Looks like a good couple of months coming for Spawn fans.