Lineup Changes, New Series and Other Tidbits for 2003
Friday, April 04, 2003

As our 2003 season starts heating up here at the McFarlane Worldwide HQ in sunny Arizona, the Sports Picks news is rolling in fast and furious and it ain't about Vin Diesel.

That's right, we have a metric ton of new information to share this week with fans of our McFarlane's Sports Picks action figures, so let's get to it.

First, the previously announced NHL Canada specialty line is now officially McFarlane's Sports Picks: NHL Series 5. And that's not all. The lineup itself has changed. Here's the new setup:

Not all players in the set will be available at all Canadian retailers; more details to follow on that. In good news south of the Great White North, American hockey fans will have access to this set. Again, more details as they become clear. Obviously, the previously announced NHL Series 5 will now become NHL Series 6 and is still slated for an October release.

In other hockey news, NHL Series 4 is officially sold out from McFarlane Toys. In other words, what's currently available at retail is all that's left. Don't miss out.

The lineup for McFarlane's Sports Picks: NFL Series 6 has been shuffled. Clinton Portis has been bumped to NFL Series 7 to make way for -- Emmitt Smith in an Arizona Cardinals uni. The rest of the line remains unchanged.

The previously announced McFarlane's Sports Picks: NBA Debut line has now officially become NBA Series 4. Click here for details on this line. Obviously, the previously announced NBA Series 4 will now become NBA Series 5 and is still slated for a November release.

In other NBA news, the latest shipment of the NBA Backboard, available only through the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club in the Spawn Store, is sold out again. A new shipment should be available for purchase in May. NBA Series 3 is also completely sold out from McFarlane, so current retailer inventory is all that remains of these figures.

The baseball action figure lineup for 2003 is pretty well set at this time, but we do have a big announcement regarding MLB Series 5 coming in a few weeks.