Five Pick Up Free Copy of New Acclaim Game
Friday, April 11, 2003

The newest Acclaim baseball video game, All-Star Baseball 2004, is out and features a cool McFarlane connection. McFarlane billboards are visible in most of the game's playing fields, including the Yankee Stadium photo shown on the game's cover.

Your friends here at had five copies (three PS2, two Xbox) of the game to give away and Cochise, our special-needs contest intern, has randomly picked the winners from all the entrants. They are:

All-Star Baseball is the premiere baseball franchise in electronic gaming, featuring gameplay second only to actually being on the field, chewing bubblegum and spitting in your own glove. The newest version of the game has more than 80 new features, including downloadable rosters, official Negro Leagues license and Spanish play-by-play.

Congrats to the winners - your prizes are en route - and thanks to everyone who entered.