Full Online Mutations Extravaganza Coming to
Friday, April 18, 2003

That's right, Spawn fans, the newest Spawn action figure series, Mutations, is slowly making its way out of production and heading toward retail. It's still a month or so out, but in the meantime we thought we'd bring you the latest and greatest details on this unique Spawn line.

Spawn Series 23: Mutations is based on an alternative Spawn mythos anchored by the question, "What if Spawn didn't actually kill Malebolgia?"

The line includes the following figures:

The new feature will include full figure specs, additional photography, QuickTime VRs and much, much more, including a complete story retelling this new Spawn mythos and explaining the characters.

The feature is scheduled to go live Friday, April 25 in the features section ( of The date may be flexible due to pending server relocation next week.

As an added bonus - and to hold you over until the feature launch - the art department has designed a special Spawn Mutations wallpaper. Download and enjoy.

Choose your resolution to download a zip file of the wallpaper:

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