Greets Hundreds of Fans, Media at E3 Video Game Booths
Friday, May 23, 2003

Anyone who has attended E3 will get the headline joke about Todd making some "noise" in what has to be the loudest place on Earth each May. If you've never been there, turn up your stereo, TV surround sound, clock radio, computer speakers, lawnmower, hair dryer and gaming systems simultaneously to full-blast mode and then multiply that sound 100 times over. That's E3, on a quiet day.

But Todd did make quite an impact on May 14 during what was his first visit to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual trade show for more than 60,000 retailers, developers, investors, distributors and media representatives of the gaming and entertainment industry. Todd was on hand to help two industry giants Konami and Namco unveil and promote three major projects.

Konami unveiled McFarlane's Evil Prophecy for PlayStation 2, which is scheduled to ship in November 2003. This action/fighting game is inspired by the McFarlane's Monsters line of action figures released in 2002. Todd was at the booth to sign hundreds of limited-edition prints for fans who waited more than an hour to meet him. Todd's signing occurred at the foot of a large tower promoting the game. We're pretty sure the crowd was there solely for Todd and not the two models just a few feet away taking pictures with fans. While there, Todd also had a chance to meet with famed Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima as well as several others from the company.

A short while later, Todd headed up the aisle to the Namco booth. There he was greeted by a giant tower promoting the Spawn game, located right next to the tower for SOULCALIBUR II. We've addressed SOULCALIBUR II in other stories, but have not given much detail on Spawn. Namco is using the Spawn character in the development of a brand-new video game created for PS2, the Nintendo GameCube and Xbox systems, which is scheduled to be released in the U.S. market in 2003. Spawn is a third-person, mission-based action/adventure game set against the backdrop of a darker, near-future New York City environment.

Todd's afternoon with the Namco team included two signings and a short stint as celebrity guest emcee at the Microsoft XBOX SOULCALIBUR II tournament. During the tournament at the huge XBOX booth, Todd and the main hosts talked about the game and watched over a couple rounds of the event. The humorous downside was that while Todd was watching the contestants, the player who picked "Spawn" lost.

"It was operator error," said Todd.

While Todd was in the XBOX area, he sat down with fans and signed a bunch of E3 exclusive SOULCALIBUR II lithographs. He then went back to the Namco booth where a long line was waiting for Todd's third signing of the day. Interestingly enough, there were a few fans who managed to be at all three signings, one was a message board member who was there with his wife. Todd commented to him that he was a stalker after seeing him at the third signing in one day.

Rounding out Todd's day were several media interviews Namco had lined up for him. Some of the highlights included MTV2 and CNN, plus several gaming magazines and Web sites. Several of those interviews have posted to the various Web sites, such as, and more.

A few other unique anecdotes from the day included Todd sitting down with one of the major movie studios to look at two different properties for possible action figure lines. Todd also sat down with a few of the Namco representatives from Japan to talk about the current projects and to discuss the development of the Spawn game.