Check Out the Entertainment Board and Enter
Friday, June 13, 2003

Cochise, our vegan special-needs contest intern, has had a busy time of it lately, what with all big contests we've been running here at

But lotsa contests means job security for Cochise, who just moved into a new apartment near the natural foods co-op. So he came up with another fun way for users to score free stuff.

Here's what you need to do:

Head on over to the McFarlane Entertainment message board, which has been infused with some fine content by new board moderator Janet Armstrong. Once you get to the board, find Janet's post about Todd's involvement in a recent entertainment release. Send an e-mail with the subject, date and time of the post to Also include, of course, your full name and mailing address. Only enter once; Cochise frowns on ballot stuffers.

Three winners will be randomly selected from all the correct entries. Your score? Well, we can't exactly spell it out for you, but winners will receive a great entertainment prize pack containing, uh, at least a trinity of prizes. If you think this is The One for you, enter today. Contest ends at noon PST June 26 with winners announced on the Entertainment Board on June 27. Good luck.