Four Winners Score McFarlane Hulk Comics
Friday, June 27, 2003

In celebration of the theatrical release of The Hulk last weekend, sponsored a Hulk Hunt contest commemorating Todd McFarlane's tenure on the comic book.

As most of you may know, the king of the domain helped make a name for himself in the comic book world as a Hulk artist.

Throughout, our crack tech team hid five gamma radiation symbols. To enter the contest, users had to find one, click on it and follow the directions contained therein.

Well, several hundred of you did that. Congratulations. Then Cochise, our vegan, special-needs contest intern, had the enviable task of selecting the winners. Using our infamous random number generator, four winners were chosen. Three folks won a copy of either The Incredible Hulk #341, #342 or #344 (books pencilled and inked by McFarlane) signed by Todd McFarlane.

Those three are:

The grand-prize winner gets Ground Zero, the trade paperback containing The Incredible Hulk issues 340-346 featuring more of Todd's artwork and signed by
Todd. That winner is:Thanks again to everyone who entered; prizes are on their way to the winners.