New Photos Show the Difference Between Versions
Friday, July 11, 2003

Several weeks ago, we showed you the first photos of our upcoming ActionMcFarlane NASCAR Series 1 driver action figures, mass-market versions. Today, we have available new photography of the specialty versions. The lineup remains the same:

The specialty version of these figures will feature different -- and more true-to-life -- paint applications, different bases and, in some cases, slightly different sculpts.

These specialty versions will be available through the following specialty retailers/distributors: Baseball Card Warehouse, Sammy USA, Diamond, Gamestop, Electronics Boutique, Southern Hobby and Spider's Web. The aforementioned retailers are McFarlane-based accounts. Our partners at Action Performance will also sell this product through their normal lines of distribution.

ActionMcFarlane is an entirely new company, combining the well-known talents and resources of McFarlane Toys - one of the most renowned action figure manufacturers on the planet - and Action Performance - the recognized leader in NASCAR memorabilia.

Look for NASCAR series 1 mass action figures in September with the specialty versions hitting retail about a month later.