Will Be On Comic Shop Shelves Aug. 27
Friday, August 15, 2003

Break out your old copies of Sam and Twitch, friends, "The John Doe Affair" is back on track. Yeah, yeah, we know it's been quite awhile since our favorite detectives were in action ... consider it a well-deserved R&R period.

But Sam Burke and Twitch Williams are back, fully charged and ready to track down the killer (or is that killers?) in their latest case.

Written by Todd McFarlane, Sam and Twitch #24 is the fifth part of the "John Doe" story arc. Art is by Alex Maleev and Paul Lee, with color by Jay Fotos.

Issues #25 and 26 are nearing completion as well, featuring McFarlane's conclusion to this story arc, with art by Paul Lee and colors by Jay Fotos. Issue 26, part seven of the story, will complete "The John Doe Affair."

But don't despair, Sam and Twitch are also the stars of a brand-new book, Casefiles: Sam and Twitch, an edgier look at the New York City detectives, featuring artwork by Scott Morse and stories by Marc Andreyko. The first arc, "Have You Seen Me?", is a six-parter. The next arc will feature the artwork of Paul Lee.