Lemieux and Roy Receive Large-Scale Treatment
Friday, August 29, 2003

For years, our fans have clamored for larger-scale figures than we normally produce, particularly our McFarlane's Sports Picks fans, who want to see their favorite players in 12-inch scale.

In 2003, McFarlane Toys came through, starting with a line of five NFL football players to be released in 12-inch form and hitting stores in mid-September. After seeing the positive reaction from both fans and retailers about this product, we knew we had to keep the momentum going.

And thus was born the National Hockey League 12-inch line.

This initial foray into 12-inch hockey figures contains:

Roy will also be released in his Montreal Canadiens uniform for old-school fans.

This NHL 12-inch line will only be available at WalMart Canada. Look for it in stores in early November. These figures will also be offered in limited quantities through the Store at for U.S. consumers.