Hit the Pros Game Features McFarlane Baseball Toys
Friday, October 17, 2003

Ready for a Marlins-Yankees World Series? Yeah, us, too. Not only has this been one of the most exciting years of playoff baseball in recent memory, but McFarlane Toys is playing a role in it, too.

If you have been watching the MLB playoffs on Fox, you can't miss the ads for Fox Sports' Hit The Pros interactive baseball game. Joe Buck and the other announcers proclaim that Hit the Pros is the only online video game where you hit real pitches from real MLB players playing that day! Using special cameras, Fox Sports records the exact pitch type, speed and trajectory of every pitch thrown during FOX Sports broadcasts. Each night they feed those pitches into Hit The Pros 2003 for you to hit...if you can.

Why are we excited about it? Well, because McFarlane Toys is the weekly prize sponsor for Hit the Pros. Winners will pick up figures from McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 7. Play the game at offers free demos of the game, although there is a fee to play in the weekly tournaments. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit CaP CURE, the Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate (