Two Separate Exclusives Hitting In Early 2004
Friday, October 24, 2003

Spawn is heading back to the shelves at WalMart, beginning with Spawn Series 24: The Classic Comic Covers. To celebrate Spawn figures once again becoming available at the world's largest retailer, we've created two special limited-edition Spawn boxed two-packs that will be exclusive to WalMart stores in early 2004.

The first is the Manga Spawn Robots box, featuring repainted versions of Manga Spawn from Spawn Series 9 and Manga Samurai Spawn from Spawn Series 10. Each of these figures comes with a second head and a backpack that transforms into a cyber-insect figure.

Manga Spawn Robots will be available in January 2004.

The second WalMart exclusive boxed set is the Samurai Wars two-pack. This set features a repainted version of Samurai Spawn from Spawn Series 19 and the never-before-released (and much-anticipated) Takeda the Archer action figure. (Sorry, no pics available yet.)

The Samurai Wars two-pack is set for an April 2004 release. Both these items are being produced in extremely limited numbers. Start holding your breath ... now.