First ActionMcFarlane Series Retail Versions On Shelves
Friday, November 07, 2003

At last, the first shipments of the initial NASCAR drivers action figure series from ActionMcFarlane -- a new company featuring the combined talents of McFarlane Toys and Action Performance -- are now hitting stores.

The mass-market versions of this line are showing up at WalMart stores mostly on the West Coast. WalMart estimates the figures will be in most stores by next week. Other retailers are also getting their supplies in the coming days.

Specialty versions of the figures -- sold through, of course, specialty retailers -- are also en route to stores and should be available in the coming weeks.

Given the NASCAR fanbase, this promises to be one of the hottest ongoing series around. For more information on NASCAR Series 1 from ActionMcFarlane, check out -- and don't forget to enter the NASCAR contest, which has been extended through Dec. 5.