Updated Driver Toys Due To Hit During New Racing Season
Friday, February 13, 2004

ActionMcFarlane's -- a new company made up of McFarlane Toys and Action Performance -- newest series of NASCAR driver action figures is a refreshed version of the first series to be released near the start of the 2004 NASCAR season, sponsored by Nextel.

Retail demand for these figures is high, so we made a few tweaks that allow us to get product back on the shelves in a timely manner. The drivers represented are:

As before, there will be mass market and specialty versions of each figure. The mass versions will feature updated stickers and logos on the drivers, bases and packaging. The specialty versions will be the mass-market figure on the specialty base with updated stickers and logos.

Look for this refreshed series in stores in April and don't forget our upcoming NASCAR Series 2 and Dale Earnhardt Sr. deluxe box. Click here for more info on those items.