Complete McFarlane Toys 2004 Action Figure Lineup Revealed
Friday, February 13, 2004

Have plans for this Monday, Feb 16? If you're a McFarlane Toys fan, you better change them. will be premiering its first ToyFest event of 2004 and it's a doozie. On Monday, the staff monkeys will unveil every ... remaining ... action ... figure ... line ... for ... 2004.

That's right, bubba, changing your holiday plans yet? Our operatives got the finalized and approved list of everything McFarlane Toys has on its 2004 schedule and we're putting it up for the world to see.

Sports lineups, Movie Maniacs 7, music, film, etc., we'll reveal more lines than Janet Jackson has skin. We won't have much photography to show at this point, and some of the series won't have full lineups, but you'll get all the line names and the vast majority of full lineups. Good stuff.

From this point forward, once all the lines are announced, we'll move to our once-monthly ToyFest roundup, which will update any and all online toy catalog changes that occurred in the previous month. We'll add series photography and update any lineup changes as they occur as detailed in our previous ToyFest 2004 overview.

Enjoy and, hey, see you on Monday.