A Guide to What McFarlane Figures Are in Stores and What's Coming
Friday, February 20, 2004

Don't feel like driving all over town to check out your local toy aisles. is here to help. Well, we won't actually be able to tell you what exactly is in your town, but we can tell you what should be there and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

Spawn Series 24: The Classic Comic Covers is still selling strongly at retail and should be available in most areas, including WalMart stores.

The Jimi Hendrix Super Stage Figure (both regular and deluxe set) was released in late 2003 and trickled over into early 2004. This item is sold out from McFarlane Toys, so what's on the shelves out there is all there is.

The Manga Spawn deluxe two-pack box has gone over very well as a WalMart exclusive set in the U.S. They are still available in some locations, but are nearing a sell-out. We did offer this deluxe box through our online store at, but it sold out there quickly.

McFarlane's Sports Picks: NHL Series 7 has been out in Canada for about a month and in the States for several weeks at all major and speciality retailers. Our sales department is currently allocating the last of our inventory on this series, so what's coming to stores is all for this line.

Our first foray into a smaller scale -- the NBA 3-inch two-pack series -- has been selling very strongly at retail. McFarlane toys is now sold out of this item.

The McFarlane's Sports Picks Mark Messier vs. Martin Brodeur NHL two-pack is currently in stores in both the U.S. and Canada. These pieces are just now flowing in, but sales look impressive.

McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 8 is currently showing up in stores. Our first baseball series of 2004 is hot; go check them out.

The next Spawn action figure line, Spawn Series 25: The Classic Comic Covers 2, ships to stores the week of Feb. 23.

McFarlane's Sports Picks: NBA Series 6 ships to retail stores the first week of March.

Finally, the McFarlane's Sports Picks NBA two-pack featuring Shaquille O'Neal and Yao Ming will begin hitting retail in about two weeks.

Oh, and don't forget the upcoming pieces at the Store at The Series 25 exclusive figure (Biker Chick repaint) will be offered the first week of March and the next shipment of NBA Backboards will be in stock in about five weeks.