Newest Monthly Digital Newsletter Goes Live April 30 on
Friday, April 23, 2004

The next exciting issue of the online ToyFest magazine is being finalized and is set to go live on Friday, April 30 right here on

The April 2004 edition of ToyFest will contain a recap of all the major changes that occurred in the online action figure catalog during the past month. There will be an extensive list of links direct to the catalog pages for each change. This is particularly useful to those who don't visit the site every day as it allows them to access all the latest information easily. The mentioned changes would include complete lineups announced during the previous month, photos added or changed, lineup changes and more.

Additionally, each month in ToyFest, we'll have new editorial content about a subject near and dear to our collectors, a photo of the month and more.

Be sure to check out the new ToyFest online magazine only on next Friday.