NATIONAL SPORTS AND COMIC-CON EVENTS WRAP UP Road Teams Return Home After Successful Shows
Friday, July 30, 2004

It seems that the McFarlane Companies staffers have been spending as much time on the road as our friends from KISS! We just fielded two all-star teams to two concurrent events nearly an entire country apart.

The sports crew was in Cleveland, Ohio, July 21 through 25 at the National Sports Collectors Convention. The staffers brought two exclusives to the show:

The sneak preview night on July 21 was off the hook! A line formed almost immediately after the doors opened with fans waiting an estimated two hours to get their hands on the Iverson and LeBron exclusive figures.

A lot of the fans couldn't drag themselves away from staring at the incredible detail of the two-up prototypes of the Chad Johnson NFL figure and our Cooperstown Collection. Johnson will be available in NFL Series 9 in September, while the Cooperstown Collection has just hit store shelves.

Once again, we completely sold out of our product and would like to thank the fans, the city of Cleveland and the media for helping us enjoy another successful show.

If you missed us this year, come check us out in 2005 when we visit the "Windy City"...Chicago! On a side note, rumor has it that a McFarlane staffer may still be wandering around aimlessly at the Flats!

We held a contest for those who would not be able to attend the National event, giving away two sets of National exclusive figures, each signed by Todd McFarlane. The lucky winners:Thanks to the thousands who entered and congratulations to the winners.

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The pop culture team was manning this year's San Diego Comic-Con event which ran July 21-25 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The complete and utter madness of this celebration of comic books, video games, movies, action figures and more featured costumed fanboys and girls roaming the showroom floor, while some of Hollywood's heavy-hitters (Robert Rodriguez, Keanu Reeves, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jude Law, etc.) held discussion panels and autograph sessions.

There were plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with fans both old and new, spreading the word about the future of McFarlane Toys (upcoming toy lines), Todd McFarlane Entertainment (the new Spawn animation) and Todd McFarlane Productions (new comics and storylines). Aside from answering general questions and giving insight into our products and how they are produced, we also made a number of big announcements while at the Con, including:

McFarlane staffers attended several panel discussions, providing insight into how we go about creating action figures that continually raise the bar as far as sculpt, detail and innovation are concerned. Surely some sharp-eyed fans who attended the panels were able to make out a few figures which have not yet been announced.

For the comic book fans we held signings with the creative minds behind both our monthly books: Spawn and Case Files: Sam & Twitch.

Staffers at the Con had a stockpile of giveaways at the ready for anyone who wanted a little reminder of their time spent at the McFarlane booth: newsletters, stickers, comics, Spawn Hotwheels, Todd the Bum and more. We by choice offered no exclusive figure for sale this year, but we definitely did our best to ensure that any and every person who came by the booth walked away with at least a little piece of Spawn.

Then, of course, there were the raffles. Three winners per hour. Every hour. We raffled signed comics, signed toys, a few of our Collector's Club Urizen figures and on Sunday we held a huge final drawing in which the first prize was an as-yet unreleased 12-inch SPAWN i.45 and a collection of comics and collectibles, and the grand prize was an as-yet unreleased 12-inch Stealth Predator and a copy of a rare hardbound collection of Spawn comics.

All in all, the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con was a huge success and although it's still a year away we have already begun making plans for 2005. We hope to see you there.