Two Teams Will Work Toward Events in Issue #150
Friday, August 06, 2004

As you no doubt have noted if you follow the Spawn comic book solicitations in Previews, we began resoliciting the core Spawn comic book with issue #138. This happened because -- due to a string of technical and production issues over the course of a couple years -- the solicitations were quite a bit ahead of the actual issue numbers.

To correct this, we began a resolicitation program and implemented several changes in our production process to avoid technical glitches in the future.

To further bring Spawn up to speed -- and to push along toward the special issue #150 -- we have doubled up on our creative teams, with two separate teams.

Creative team #1 is the main Spawn team: writer Brian Holguin, penciler Angel Medina, inker Danny Miki, color by Brian Haberlin. Creative team #2 is Holguin, artist Nat Jones (formerly of Spawn the Dark Ages) and colors by Jay Fotos (Sam and Twitch, Cy-Gor).

Creative team #2 will add a special three-page section to Spawn #139 (other 22 pages by creative team #1) for a special 25-page issue to hit stores in October. That kicks off the following two monthly issues (140 and 141) both by creative team #2. Creative team #1 comes back on board for a new story arc, issues 142 to 149, ramping up to the big 150th issue of Spawn.

Spawn will still be a monthly book, but this will allow us to maintain our schedule more efficiently.