All-New Line of Action Figures Based on the Art of Spawn
Friday, August 27, 2004

Here and now we reveal to you the line-up for Spawn Series 27. No photos (it's still too early for all of that), but we can name names and, in most cases, you will be able to peruse the art which inspired the figures at your leisure - taking in the spectacularly rendered images which will be transformed from the flat 2-D reality of a comic book into the three-dimensional, fully-detailed world of action figures.

SPAWN I.085 -- issue 85 cover art
Based on superstar artist Greg Capullo's dark, moody artwork for the cover to Spawn #85, this figure features a massive, angry Spawn unleashing a violent scream from deep within the alleys of Rat City.

SPAWN I.131 -- issue 131 cover art
This figure is a direct translation of the cover art to Spawn #131 -- an instant fan-favorite, in which Spawn is draped in desert warfare-style headgear and holding an enormous, futuristic firearm.

"GUNSLINGER" SPAWN -- issue 119 interior art
Based on Angel Medina's rendition of a Hellspawn from another time (also a fan-favorite), this figure depicts a Spawn with a different feel and aesthetic than that of Al Simmons. Complete with a stylized "cowboy" hat, revolvers and spurs, the "Gunslinger" will no doubt be one of the most sought after figures from Spawn Series 27.

WANDA 2 -- issue 65 interior art
Standing in a church, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, the love of Spawn's life will at long last be released to the public as part of a retail assortment (our previous Wanda figure was available only through the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club).

CLOWN 5 -- based on original art
With a devilish grin and an unmistakable aura of filth and evil, Spawn's arch-nemesis comes to life once again. Perched atop a pile of refuse and bones, this impish troublemaker is fully-detailed and as wicked as ever.

VANDALIZER 2 -- based on original art
The brother of the Clown's alter-ego, the Violator, an updated version of the Vandalizer has long been requested by our fans. A massive beast, with lizard-like skin and claws and teeth ready to rip through any who would oppose him, the Vandalizer is one of McFarlane Toys most monstrous figures to date (and that's saying a lot).

Locked in a heated battle, Al Simmons and Spawn, two entities who are one and the same fight against each other in a struggle for control over their future. This Deluxe Boxed Set includes both Al and Spawn, in an amazing re-creation of Greg Capullo's stunning artwork from the cover to Spawn #86.

Stay tuned to both the news section and the message boards, because we will share photos of these figures as soon as we have them available.