Latest Installment of What Toys Should Be On Your Shelves
Friday, September 24, 2004

We've been so busy announcing new action figure lines, new entertainment projects and new events, we haven't had time for one of our favorite standbys: the what's in stores and what's en route story.

This is the story where we peel back some of the distribution and fulfillment layers and take a look at what McFarlane Toys action figures are currently on store shelves and a realistic time frame of when new lines will begin hitting.

Let's begin with the items that have hit shelves in recent weeks:

What follows is a tentative list of the items that are en route to retail in the coming weeks and a rough date those items should be there. Keep in mind this is the earliest U.S. date and is, of course, subject to change. Given there are so many variables in shipping and receiving -- traffic, weather, not enough shelf/warehouse space, a plague of locusts, etc. -- the dates below should serve only as a guideline. You've been warned.That's all for now, we'll update this story soon. We promise.