Several More Exclusive Figures Coming Before Year's End
Friday, October 29, 2004

The McFarlane Toys Collector's Club has released some incredible figures in 2004 ... and we've got a couple months still to go!

There are several Club-exclusive action figures still on tap for 2004 and we've got some more specific dates that these products will be offered for sale in the Store at

Due to an ongoing dock labor shortage both in China and here in our Oakland port, some product delivery times are being slightly delayed. With that in mind, what follows is our best estimate of when the following figures will be offered.

In other Club-related news, with the opening of the official Store and Showroom in Tempe, AZ, we've been asked about an official policy regarding exclusive sales. Here it is:

Beginning with the next offering, Club exclusives will be released in the Store/Showroom one week after being released online. The same purchase limits will apply and -- as we currently do for online purchases -- we will exercise our right to refuse or cancel an order when customers attempt to purchase additional exclusives. As for all other new products in the Store/Showroom, they will be released at the same time as online. Chase, specialty or other unique figures will not be sold in the Store/Showroom. Also, the Store/Showroom will continue to sell small quantities of older stock until diminished; once this stock is gone, the online store and the retail store will essentially be offering the same products for sale.

Finally, our Club staff along with the warehouse folks and accounting department are diligently working on alternate -- and cheaper -- shipping options for our international customers. When we have a workable plan in place, we'll report back.