Gretzky Figures Hitting Stores; 2005 Figures Tentative
Friday, October 29, 2004

We announced this past summer the two 12-inch NHL figures that are beginning to show up now at retail. Both those 12-inch NHL Legends figures feature The Great One, but in two different uniforms:

The Kings 12-inch is the same sculpt as the 6-inch Legends version of Gretzky, while the Oilers 12-inch features a third pose. These items are beginning to show up at Canadian retail at this time, with the figures hitting American shelves in mid-November.

What we didn't mention in the original story was a special Gretzky paint variation specifically for the Canadian market. WalMart Canada will offer the Oilers 12-inch Gretzky in his blue uniform, while other retailers will have the white uni. The blue-jersey version should be available before the end of November. WalMart Canada will also have the regular white Oilers Gretzky as well as the Kings version.

In other 12-inch NHL news, McFarlane Toys has set the next pair of hockey figures to get the large-scale treatment. They are:Each figure will be in his Stanley Cup-hoisting post-championship pose. These figures are tentatively scheduled for an early March 2005 release. The ongoing caveat, though, is what happens with the NHL lockout. If play does not resume, it's very likely these figures will be pushed back to a later date.

We wanted to share the information with fans as soon as possible; just keep in mind the actual release date is very tenuous at this time.