First Full Issue for Short-Run Second Creative Team
Friday, November 19, 2004

Our master plan to get the core Spawn comic book back on schedule is now well under way. Due to a string of technical and production issues over the course of a couple years, the Spawn solicitations in Previews magazine -- the industry publication from which comic shops place their orders -- were quite a bit ahead of the actual issue numbers.

To correct this, we began a resolicitation program and implemented several changes in our production process to avoid technical glitches in the future.

Additionally we have doubled up on our creative teams, with two separate teams.

Creative team #1 is still the main Spawn team: writer Brian Holguin, penciler Angel Medina, inker Danny Miki and colorist Brian Haberlin. Creative team #2 is Holguin, artist Nat Jones (formerly of Spawn the Dark Ages) and colorist Jay Fotos (Sam and Twitch, Cy-Gor).

Creative team #2 added a three-page section to Spawn #139 (other 22 pages by creative team #1) for a special 25-page issue that hit stores in October. All the feedback we've received indicates fans really enjoyed the work of team #2.

Team #2's first full-length book, issue #140, is due to hit stores Wednesday, Nov. 24 and begins detailing the infamous female Hellspawn that was introduced in issue #139. December's issue #141 will also feature Jones and Fotos. Creative team #1 comes back on board for a new story arc, issues 142 to 149, ramping up to the big 150th issue of Spawn.

We hope our fans are enjoying the short-run change in art teams and are looking forward to the milestone 150th issue.

>> SPAWN #140 PAGE 4-5 ART