First Official Photography of Hour of the Dragon Series
Friday, December 03, 2004

Today, McFarlane Toys is proud to unveil its second line of classic warrior action figures, Conan 2: Hour of the Dragon. Inspired by the Hyborian legends as originally written by Conan's creator, Robert E. Howard, this second line of Conan action figures from McFarlane Toys represents several characters from the popular Hour of the Dragon novel.

King Conan of Aquilonia is in his mid-40s as Robert E. Howard's classic tale The Hour of the Dragon begins. Royal conspirators plot to overthrow Conan. To accomplish their plans they bring the evil sorcerer Xaltotun -- dead for 3,000 years -- back to life. Xaltotun pushes aside the conspirators and begins his own evil schemes, using sorcery on the battlefield to make it appear King Conan has been slain in combat. In truth, Xaltotun takes Conan captive and imprisons him deep in the dungeons of his rival, the King of Nemedia.

An unexpected ally, the beautiful Zenobia -- a slave in the Nemedian royal harem -- risks her life to help Conan escape the dank prison. Conan is moved by her bravery and vows to return and rescue her.

Conan begins a quest for revenge. His journey leads him through ghoul-haunted forests, the bench of a slave galley, the tomb of a vampire and finally back to Aquilonia. Conan finds his kingdom bloodied by a civil war between factions claiming the Aquilonian throne.

Conan secretly gathers his old troops and allies and, assisted by a ragtag band of peasant guerillas, they rise up to reconquer Aquilonia. Xaltotun is defeated and returned to the dead.

Conan defeats the King of Nemedia in combat and regains his Aquilonian throne. In ransom for the Nemedian King's life, Conan demands the harem girl Zenobia. Conan declares, "She was a slave in Nemedia, but I will make her queen of Aquilonia!"

Conan 2: Hour of the Dragon features the following five figures plus a deluxe boxed set:

Enjoy your first official photography of this series, which is set to hit retail shelves in March 2005.